Buy UK registered passport

Buy UK registered passport

The British passports is  issued by the United Kingdom to those holding any form of British nationality. A British passport helps  the holder to travel worldwide and serves as proof of citizenship.
It also facilitates access to consular assistance from British embassies around the world, or if also a citizen of the European Union, any embassy of another European Union member state. Passports are issued using royal prerogative.
For identification
British passport  is one of the most important document which British citizens use as a form of identification ,so with the passport they are not necessary in need to walk around with many documents

To travel out of the country.

There are 33 countries which holders of a British passport need a visa in advance , 

How do you get a driver’s license in the UK

  1. fill in the declaration on your driving test pass certificate.
  2. fill in a D1 ‘application for a driving licence’, available from the DVLA form ordering service or selected Post Offices.
  3. provide original documents confirming your identity.
  4. provide a passport photograph (only if you have a paper provisional licence)

Can a foreigner get a UK driving Licence?

Tourists can typically use their foreign driver’s license for up to a year while in the , however, getting an international driving permit  might be a good idea for licenses issued in a foreign language. Driver’s licenses issued in a member state of the EU or EFTA are valid in the UK

Do I need international driver’s license in UK?

These days, you may need an International Driving Permit or IDP. … If you have a valid driving licence from your own country, you can drive in the UK for up 12 months. You may not need an IDP but as they are easy to obtain, it might be a good idea to get one anyway