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  • Drivers Licenses and Id Cards
    Get a new driving/driver’s licence in less than and not more than a week the driving/driver’s licence will be ready. But you can start driving in 7 days. So, as soon as we email you copy of confirmations that the new driving/driver’s licence is being prepared. We use identical micro-print both on our PVC. Holograms because we outsource to a Chinese company with an expensive offset printer. 

    Obtain Authentic Id Cards And Citizenship. We spend a lot of time on development and ru0026amp;d(research and development). Micro-print printed layers done via offset printers. And then there diecut and repackaged and stealth imported. We fill in variable bar-codes stateside and done offset and is tougher in customs if opened. Register UK driving licence into the DVLA (Drivers Vehicle Licensing Agency). We also register US driver’s license into the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

  • Inaccessible or Lost Passports
    We include a brief description of the original passport holder. So you can see whether the specific listing works for you. But as long as you’re same sex and race. Thus you’ll be able to pass it off as your own, as most photographs in use will be quite old. So even the original holder might only have a passing resemblance themselves.

    And even then, presented , the document will likely only get a glance before getting OK. You can’t use this for flying in or out of the country, as they might show up as lost if they’re ran through. I don’t know what the situation is for your country, but most people won’t be using such a document to anyway.

  • False travel documents (Bogus passports)
    Bought off the shelf by illegal immigrants, counterfeited passport pages. With forged pages visas, bright maroon instead of deep brown colour. Obtain Authentic Id Cards And Citizenship. No flimsy pages, place for signature and photograph is at the back not the front. (UK passport, validated by Seniorn Home Office civil servant).
  • Genuine passports
    Don’t ask where we produce your document, plethora of different names available if you’ve got none in mind. Distinctive passport covers, blank pages, forged in Thailand. Intricate work, with a photograph inside and sealed with an embossed stamp. No smell of fresh glue, Won’t tear, Pass the beeping red light machine test and photograph is underneath.
  • Green cards and Biometric Resident Permit (BRPs)
    Get a green card, become a permanent resident and other residency issues. Whether seeking to apply for replacement or renewal, our guide can help. Our green cards grant you the authorization to live and work in the US on a permanent basis.
  • Visas
    We issue valid visas which u can us at the embassy or consualtates. It will entitle you to travel to any country and apply for admission. The immigration officials will confirm them once presented at the port. We also affix stamps and visas on existing passports at an affordable price.